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“It was a phone call that saved my life. Shannon answered but God’s healing power was at the other end of the line. I was 90 pounds, descending into a slow steady decline from the 110 pounds I weighed normally. The doctor said if I lost any more weight he would put me in the hospital and give me a feeding tube. I was skin and bones. I lost weight because I was afraid to eat… actually, I was terrified to eat. Eating scared the crap out of me. I was afraid if I ate, I would get food poisoning and die. But the thought didn’t end there… I would obsess over dying a terrifying, painful, unimaginably horrific death. . . ”



“One night I couldn’t eat my Mac n cheese. The problem was getting worse. A friend told Shannon about me. Shannon had called recently and introduced himself to me and said he would offer peer support and I could call him anytime day or night to help me get through it. He, too, had OCD and he worked for the Pentagon and published a book about how he overcame OCD. It was so comforting to just get counsel from someone who actually had OCD. On this one particular night when I couldn’t eat my Mac n cheese, I thought about Shannon’s offer to call him when I needed to. I told myself if I took the positive step to call him I would promise myself I wouldn’t have to do anything that scared me - that’s the only reason I was able to make the call. I wasn’t scared of calling him. I was scared he would try to make me eat. Making that promise to myself before I called him that I wouldn’t do anything that scares me on the call is what gave me the strength to put that call in. I called Shannon and told him I had a plate full of Mac n cheese in front of me and I was terrified to eat it. I looked at the plate with absolutely no plans to have a single bite. But as I started talking to Shannon, I was able to slowly take one bite, then another, then another. It wasn’t easy…each bite felt like I was throwing a right hook in a boxing ring, it took that much inner strength to eat. But I did it. To this day I can’t believe I did it. Shannon’s talk on the other end of the phone convinced my brain I was strong enough to fight. It was such a shock to me that I was able to eat the entire dish, that it became the starting point of my turn around. That triumph followed me everywhere I went. I wasn’t always able to fight the OCD every time after that, but I did fight it more frequently, and eventually was able to eat and fall in love with food again. I also started taking Prozac after having no real success with all other SSRI’s. That helped to balance the chemicals in my brain enough to start getting stronger in my fight. With Shannon’s support, my brain went back to normal. I still have OCD, but I can now live a thriving beautiful life I thought was no longer possible. . . “

Jen, Massachussets


“Where to start...Shannon came into my life at a time where I was deeply struggling with OCD. He was one of the first people who I ever opened up to about having the disorder and I had no idea how much he was going to change my life (for the better). I had gone to a few therapists who “claimed” they specialized in OCD, but it ended up just being talk therapy without any ERP and i came out more frustrated and lost than before. Even though Shannon claims he doesn’t use ERP per se, I believe he uses a form of it without calling it ERP. He taught me strategies that work to not give OCD the power, but rather made me a “warrior” against it. It made me stronger mentally especially by working on changing my perspective.”

Jamie, Michigan


“I came across Shannon’s website and saw that he overcame many obstacles I was facing so I decided to purchase his book. Shannon is extremely intelligent and educated. I decided to contact Shannon to book a virtual session. Talking to him calmed me down, he understood the battle I was going through, he listening to me without judgment. Shannon taught me about INDIFFERENCE, I believe that’s what allowed my full recovery. Battling OCD was the hardest fight of my life. I began making progress within a few months. Symptoms slowly reduced and I was living a more fulfilling, better life. My battle taught me to be kinder, less judgmental, and more giving. I have a new appreciation for life as I thought mine was gone for good. I can truly say that I am happy and anxiety free and that is all thanks to Shannon. I am so grateful to you for teaching me the tools that I will carry with me forever. You’re G-d sent. I thank you deeply.”

Maya, Canada


“Prior to commencing peer support with Shannon I was descending deeper and deeper into OCD's 'hell pit'. Previous treatments had little beneficial impact and eventually I was unable to leave my house due to the intensity of the anxiety and compulsions. Shannon's approach resonated with me in a way that other OCD literature and therapy had not. We spoke 2-3 times a week in the early stages of working together. My sessions with Shannon have been hugely beneficial. I am now able to get on with much of my life, without being a prisoner to the disorder. Shannon's teachings help to rewrite the script against OCD. His principles provide a gameplan and motivation for the fight against the disorder. What makes Shannon's approach so helpful is his provision of effective practical tools for clients to apply in tackling OCD, even whilst in the midst of triggering episodes. These include principles such as the fork in the road visualisation, 'walking through the fire' and development of the warrior attitude. Shannon understands the nature of suffering from the disorder, has significant empathy and, crucially, has tremendous insight into what it takes to progress in recovery from OCD. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough!”

Nic, UK

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